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Kayaking near Canyon Lake, Texas: Keep Fit and Commune with Nature


Kayaking---Connecting with Nature and Keeping Fit

Guadalupe River KayaksLiving in Canyon Lake, Texas provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy kayaking in the lake and in the Guadalupe River.  Carl Rasmussen, a resident of Las Brisas at Ensenada Shores, enjoys kayaking in the Guadalupe River both above and below Canyon Lake. Rasmussen says, “Be aware that the temperature above the lake is mild and below, very cold.”  He enjoys the clean river, the moving water, and a few rapids provide a thrill. Why else does he like to Kayak?  “Of course, on the Guadalupe River there is always the beautiful Hill Country scenery and wildlife to view along the way.” For a kayaking map of the Guadalupe River, click here.

But did you know that kayaking can keep you fit as well?

Kayaking requires that you use your core for balance and strength, and your legs to power you through the water, although most people think the strength comes from the arms.  According to a recent article in the Dallas Morning News,

“Posture is huge in kayaking.  It’s a lot of focus on those core muscles.  If you let your mind drift while you’re learning, you’re going to develop a bad habit,” Ebert says of the White Rock Paddle Company in Dallas. “It’s like a golf swing.  Once you develop a good one, you can let your mind drift. Otherwise it’s a real challenge to correct it.”

In the Dallas Morning News article the following kayaking tips are given:

Kayaking tips--Advice for beginners from Amy Ebert and Angeline Koh of White Rock Paddle Co.: 

  1. Focus on keeping an upright posture and tight core muscles.
  2. Hold the paddle as if there is a beach ball between you and it with your arms spread somewhat far apart, depending on a person’s reach. “If your hands are too close, you end up paddling with your arms,” Koh says.
  3. In a sit-in kayak, push your feet against the foot pegs inside the kayak to anchor yourself and gain leverage and power from your legs.
  4. If you feel as if you’re out of control or cruising toward another boat, balanced paddling from side-to-side slows you down, and backward paddling stops you. The blade serves as resistance.
  5. Wear fast-drying clothes, especially on the bottom.
  6. Use safety gear, such as a whistle and a personal flotation device, as well as sun protection.

If you are keen to try this sport, REI has some expert advice to get you started. The article suggests:  

“Before launching a full-scale outing, take the time to practice your newfound skills. Your best bet: calm, protected water with low wind and scant motorized boat traffic.  Plan ahead so that capsizing doesn't become a life-threatening event. Without proper clothing, a dunking in cold-or even cool-water poses the very real and lethal threat of hypothermia.”  To read about boat adjustments, a basic launch and more click here.

Canyon Lake Kayaking GuideThere is no better time to enjoy kayaking.  You’ll get fit without even thinking about it.  What a way to work out the core!  To learn more download our Kayaking Guide. Click on the cover.


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