Las Brisas/Ensenada Shores Restrictions


Each Homesite shall be used for single family residential purposes. Guest or servant quarters may be constricted separately

Minimum Living Area

Waterfront homesites-2300 sq.ft.

Non Waterfront homesites-1800 sq.ft.


A side entry garage sufficient to store a minimum of two (2) cars is required. The exterior materials used must be the same as living unit. The garage doors may not face the street.

Obstruction of view: set back lines; Building Area.

No Fence, wall, or shrub planting which obstructs sign lines may be placed or permitted to remain in locations that hinder view. These restrictions are lot specific. The locations of the residence on each homesite shall be approved by the Architectural Committee in accordance with the set back lines as reflected on the recorded Subdivision plat. Most lake view sites have additional height restrictions to protect view outlined in the deed restrictions.

Exterior Walls

The first floor exterior wall must be at least 80% masonry, which is defined as brick, stone, rock, or stucco.


All driveways must be constricted of reinforced concrete, asphalt or other materials approved by the Architectural Committee.

HOA Dues

Home Owner’s Association dues are $650 per year.

For a full lot specific set of Regulations and a or full copy of Deed Restrictions please call or email Paul Sullivan